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Begin to love the child

And protect from the falsity of this world.

A suitable name is chosen for the euphonious echo
in the feelings, subconsciousness, stable positive vibrations (character) of the child.

The name enters the brain through the eardrums.
Further, the name penetrates into the subconscious through a sense of identity.
Further with each call the name enters, penetrates,
changes the internal rhythms and stable vibrations (character) in the child.

A dissonant name “looses”, “depersonalizes”, “hides the brightness” of the child.

Mom and dad form a child. From conception to adulthood.
Mom and dad have a very strong influence on the child

The child is shaped by parents, culture and nature.
The name permeates the subconscious throughout life.
The right name greatly strengthens positive qualities,
a sense of self-confidence, a sense of joy, a sense of lightness, a sense of strength.

The name cannot be given. The name will be. Sound and echo in the child will be.
The question is always open – what kind of echo will be in the child?

One can recognize and understand the influence of the name.
Of the names you are interested in – choose the best name.
You can decipher the influence of mom and dad on the child –
what in the character of the child is formed by mom and dad according to the astrology of the date of birth and the spiritual side.
You can decipher the innate structure of abilities, given from birth astrology and talents,
weaknesses of the child’s health energy.
You can choose an approach to the upbringing and formation of a strong parent
and happy personality.

You can be happier and love life.


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