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5 steps A-B-C-D-E to pick baby name

1. When choosing a name, it is important to sincerely decide – the purpose of the name?

Why does a child need a name, what is the task for a child’s life? Clown for the circus? Scientist ? Business man?

In other words, why not at random a name, not “I want as I want and that’s it.” Sometimes there is no task, for example, they wanted a boy to be named Alexander. A girl was born, not to disappear the same desire, they called Alexandra. The child was not taken into account? Who is easy now?

The goal is for all the good against all the bad? Already good. Fix. If there is a target. If not an excuse.

2. Understand the criterion.

Through what will you understand that the problem from p1 is solved?

In other words, there is something in the form of general interpretations. For example, there is Alexander, a successful boxer. And about the name Alexander they write that this is a “defender”. So all Alexandra are always successful boxers. And no one else, neither Grigory, nor Fedor, nor Vladimir, is a boxer. That is, the look of each Alexander is like a reflection of a copy, like from under a boxing copier.

Does this criterion suit you?

In real life, living Alexanders are different – journalists, actors, football players, scientists, musicians. All Alexanders are different. On the example of each name, we will find different people. Excellent among themselves. So the idea “name = the only source and guarantee of the qualities and strength of the individual” is rejected. And we need a reliable, real criterion.

In the world of general interpretations, by the way, salaries are general, not specific, and streamlined for anyone. Both women and men are abstract, ideal. This will not work.

Therefore, to help the child, a real criterion will be useful, without the mistake of the surviving Abraham Wald and the interpretations of Barnum-Forer. The real criterion that answers the question is what makes a child better? How is the child different from other children with the same name? How does a child differ from each other in the light of different names? What makes faded, what enhances strength?

Criterion. In practice. Serious. What name makes a child better.

3. Find a technique.

Through all the wilds and swamps of the Internet and the yellow press. All the same, get to the light of knowledge. And to find solid ground for specificity and reasonableness.

It is important to learn about the technique – how to filter and understand names. If you have time and energy, go through training, get comfortable, so as not to get into a mess. In other words, they took the date of birth, put the numbers together, then put the letters from the name into numbers and supposedly ready. Myths about alphanumerics are wonderful. It is important to see the living behind the numbers and barcodes. The core of talents and the structure of the character of the newborn.

We need a real method for assessing the docking of a name and a child. Something much deeper, more interesting.

4. Collect a list of names or ceate unique names for testing.

Appropriate in culture. To avoid conflicts in the family.

All names have good meanings. In general, the reviews of all names are good. Why ? About quality shoes, who bought in size, also more good reviews. The question is in choosing a suitable name for a specific person. A lot of good is inherent in a person, and if you love a child and educate him culturally, a person will be good. An inappropriate name for a child will loosen, depersonalize, with all the beauty of the meaning.

What’s next ? Go to the assessment of the docking of the child and the name – in completeness and integrity.

5. Turn to experience, technology, specialist.

Who will do everything for you. Without a doubt. For the result.

No generalizations. Without numerology and general interpretations. Excluding generalizations in the name of revealing individuality.

Based on experience, knowledge, technology, check the fingerprints of hundreds of names from your list. Imprints on the ability structure.

Take action.

And remember. The best name makes the child better. Life is better.

Don’t be afraid to reject questionable names.

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