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The name is important. What exactly does the name power?

The name, like a sound, a meaning and senses, an idea is woven into the subconscious, a sense of “I”.

And then it “enters” the psyche as if through a gate – every naming of a little man, this vibration and information, the brain passes into the psyche.

Strengthening the structures, deforming the structures of the subconscious. Who’s already lucky. How appropriate is the name. From this – a feeling of trust in yourself or a feeling of uselessness. A feeling of love for life or a sense of the meaninglessness of life. Feeling of strength or weakening of health energy. A sense of faith in oneself or a craving for subordination, the search for a “master”.

Name is a word. Human thoughts about himself. Affects data from birth.

Modifying the core, backbone.
Sometimes breaking “the back” if disharmonick
Sometimes parents are pushing the psyche of their children.

As a child psychologist, I sometimes see this, a mother bites off free will in her daughter. The child tries life, does something wrong. Mom intensifies the destruction of the will, “you yourself can’t do anything.” Imposing help on the child on the terms of a new round of strangulation of the will of the child. The results of such suppression are always deplorable. Helplessness, depression, anger. Sometimes parents, right from birth, choose a name for their child to grow themselves comfortable, obedient, weak-willed …. servants of your desires.

And when the backbone, the moral-psychic frame cracks – that’s treason, drug addiction, corruption. Like an adaptation.

What does the spine, the feeling of happiness depend on? Name influence contribution is 30%

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