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TOP development tips

It’s important to feel.

1. Love your life body
2. Allow yourself to receive love from the world. The world trusts you.
3. You can create your own healthy future
4. You have absolute freedom of creation and determination
5. Around you – friends and opportunities
6. Gratitude to the world will help create your own meaning of life
7. The world needs you, especially in collaboration and experimentation
8. There is a world outside of you, and there is a world that you create with your life
9. Allow people, relatives, children to be who they are and choose.
10. Live a century, grow wisdom, give, but love life

11. Here and now everything is fine and good
12. You don’t have to be anyone. Just your freedom and good will.
13. You are not slaves to anyone, people and the world are free and live like you in God.
14. You are free and draw on the divine in you.
15. Your future has very great prospects, and sprouts from the initiative in an atmosphere of freedom and kindness, without guilt and shame.

For meditative inner work, feel these introductory ideas as directions for feeling yourself in it. Replacing all “you” in the text with “I”, for example – “I do not have to be someone”, “I am free and rely on my universal “I”, “the world needs me”.

Feel it.

Yours, Leonard Boyard.

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