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How do we choose a name for our baby?

Often parents rely on the popularity of the name, on its exoticism, or express their deep respect for relatives through this. In all these cases, fathers and mothers rely only on external factors, some “statistical” data and do not think, and perhaps do not even know that the name directly affects – corrects the fate, personality of the baby!

On our website, we offer you a unique service for choosing the right name – A-DNA technics (c) Leonard Boyrad.

Our supreme goal – help parents in the conscious management of the future of the child. The selection of good names is for a good life, facilitating character (fate), unlocking potential.

From the experience of selecting and checking hundreds and hundreds of names, we know that every parent worries about his child and wishes from the bottom of his heart that his child’s life is pleasant and safe. And if, by choosing a name for a child, you can improve his fate, why not take advantage of such a unique opportunity?

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