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Walk the path from the sound to the meaning of the name in the destiny of the child

Since now, in 2022, 95% of information about names on the Internet is not about your child – you need to be specific and concrete

What will change in the future and character of the child under the influence of the name?

For example, the name Jordan can make one boy born in June angry towards woman, and the name Jordan will support another June guy in studies, business and in creating a family. And all these names, Oliver, Liam, Lucas … correct and incorrect are open, and are freely available …

The name is not just a sound. Theoretically, this is proved by science. In practice, everyone can check this – just change the name and look at the state of the person. It really can be checked by everyone.

We absolutely know how to use the vibrational-informational code of the name – information, wave, vibration, name to lay positive qualities important for a person in the unconscious and character (more details in the book) and remove, erase, extinguish negative and heavy ones.

So that strength, health and love in a person’s life increase as much as possible.

We, Leonard Boyard, the project “Kid name meaning” explore the knowledge of ancient traditions about the influence of the name on the character, opportunities and fate of a person. We restore technologies and help people choose pseudonyms and choose safe names for children. We do not use the meaning and numerology of the name, these things do not give accuracy and have nothing to do with the reality of the influence of the name.

At first glance, the name is very very very simple… But there are hundreds of names.
There are more than 5000 male names, each with its own meaning and influence. And there are more than 5,000 women’s ones too – and each name has its own meaning, train, code.

It would seem that a child can be given any simple word from this list. But the name is not just a word, a sound, a sign.

Each person is well aware that if you call him by his name, it causes in him a certain feeling of himself, which greatly affects his daily actions and choices made in life, which leads to movement either according to the best scenario or worse. And this is clear to anyone.

Everything is arranged according to the laws of nature. We live in the world of matter, information, energy, and if you know and take into account these laws of nature, you can create the desired consequences and avoid unnecessary ones. Create power plants, medicines, factories. It works in medicine, economics, physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology, rocket science, computer science, agriculture, computer science, everywhere! So why shouldn’t these laws of reality permeate the inner part of a person’s life – the psyche, character?! The information and energy of the name, like a laser, through sound affects the skin, brain, due to identification with this name, the influence on the psyche and organs of a person increases, the state and abilities change.

Through a suitable name, it is possible to facilitate the future life (i.e. fate) of a person by 20-30%. You can take advantage of this unique opportunity and technology by consciously forming a child development strategy, and through the right choice, not a guessed name, help the baby grow up strong. And become happy, loving and loved. You can give a safe name. Knowing exactly how the name affects, what creates, not destroys.

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