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How to choose a name for a child by date of birth

One of the simple naming techniques in modern culture is the orientation to the date of birth of the child. But using only information from the birth data of a child in relation to the choice of a name gives poor results, does not change the fate of the child, and is basically nothing more than astro-numerological entertainment.

3 methods of analyzing the date of birth for choosing a name

1. Christmas calendar.
Dead holy people in various spiritual traditions are beacons of the spirit to this day. Naming after a saint is supposed to give the child some support. In itself, the name of a saint born in the same month and the number does not give anything, except for the associations of parents or father. Therefore, the influence of the saint’s name on the life of a child is a myth. Communication with a saint requires much more subtle and complex actions than simply borrowing a name from a calendar. If an old man or a highly spiritual person includes you in the egregore of a saint, the name no longer matters.

Therefore, the Christmas calendar can be used simply as a set of names, from which a clairvoyant and spiritual person will select the correct name.

2. Astrology.
Drawing up a natal chart and accurately determining the influence of planets on a person’s character requires the efforts of a clairvoyant specialist. Finding such a specialist is quite difficult. But the analysis of the natal chart still says nothing about the name. Modern astrologers do not have deep knowledge and technology to match the names and maps of a person. There are only general recommendations on how to name lions, fish, rams, tigers, bulls, people of spring / winter, etc. There are echoes of knowledge, which planet corresponds to the name. But this is very superficial. Lack of knowledge about the real impact of the name on the fate of a person makes this method of selection irresponsible and useless in the hands of astrologers.

A good astrologer can calculate the character of a child, but he will not be able to assess the quality of the influence of the name.

3. Numerology.
Modern numerology as a science is practically dead. There was some knowledge left on how to translate a name into a number. And then, based on the numbers of the estate, patronymic, surname, they are looking for a connection using various methods. A person with a birth number of 1 is given a name with some correct number. And names with such a number are usually several dozen. Moreover, all these names do not carry in themselves the property that numerologists describe in the form of a number. The program of each name is much deeper and more voluminous than the interpretation of the number. The method is a big and vague delusion, unable to accurately calculate the impact of the name on the fate of a person.

Numerology also generates false knowledge about the compatibility of people through names. Calculating the interaction of the numbers of names, instead of a direct and qualitative analysis of the interaction of people.

The most powerful technique – A-DNA

The method is very complex and requires great clarity, wisdom and purity of the specialist. A person tunes in to the child’s soul in subtle plans, analyzes the child’s karma and selects the right name. The date of birth of the child and parents is used as part of the data to search for the soul in the subtle planes. This method is used by very few specialists. But it gives high-precision and high-quality results.

Allows you to choose a name that has a powerful positive impact on the fate of the child. Without strong intuition, knowledge of psychology, parapsychology and extensive work experience, it is impossible to repeat it yourself, for one or two. You can’t choose a name according to the principle – like it, don’t like it, it’s irresponsible. It is necessary to approach the issue of influencing the fate of the child through the name very carefully, carefully and professionally.

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