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Pick name for baby

Individual selection is better than a name in honor of a relative / celebrity.

Personal selection is better than general interpretations. You will find out what will make your child better absolutely specifically. In an extended consultation, you will find out both the innate strengths and weaknesses of the child, predispositions, the nature of your particular child. You will learn what mom and dad shape in a child.

Full assessment and spiritual vision is better than general numerology calculations. You will learn how a specific name affects a child from the position of internal structures according to Leonard Boyard’s system of analysis. Numerology itself is confused, 2=two=t+w+o =… as a result does not give 2. And 3,4,5…9 = letters = + …+ = not equal to 3,4, 5… 9. Numerology is foggy. The child is not a number, not a tag.

The selection is done by Leonard Boyard. As a result of the analysis, 3 suitable names.

You will immediately get the best names. And the opportunity to get recommendations.

The child will thank you. In gratitude for the feeling of love and a cozy name.

As proof, read the reviews, watch the video reviews. Read Leonard’s book.
Form a mold “child + mom + dad.” And soundly evaluate hundreds of variations from names

Steven Spielberg, Jennifer Lopez, Gisele Bündchen, George Bernard Shaw, Henry Ford, Alfred Nobel, Sigmund Freud received an additional average, plus 40% of strength and talent due to euphony, the psycho-acoustics of the name.

They may not have been worthy, maybe they ended up becoming not the best people, the name does not negate the freedom of life. But our children – shouldn’t they fundamentally be deprived of modern technologies?

According to your data, it makes an assessment of the core of talents, the energy of health, the innate basic qualities of the child.

Makes an assessment taking into account the influence of parents. Evaluation of the tasks of the child’s life, according to its structure. Assessment of weaknesses in health. Evaluation of the structure of docking of the child’s kernel with the name.
How many names for analysis – such a cost

1. Decipher only one name. 40$.

When you are in doubt about a particular name and want to check it. How does this name affect What qualities enhances. What abilities develops or weakens. What will happen to the child’s psyche, character landscape and personal strength. How will the name actually affect the life of the child as a whole. Suitable or not suitable in decryption details. The job takes one business day. Payment – 40$.

2. Selection of the best names. 380$.

From a basic list of culturally adequate names, or at your request, a list of some national names. Take hundreds of names and for each build the energy and destiny of the child. Choose the best.

As a result, for you an assessment of three euphonious, most good, suitable, fateful and strong names.

Leonard gives you the results of the selection with a breakdown of the details of the effectiveness of the best names. The job takes three business days. Payment – count the number of names on the list and multiply by 5 r per name. The usual list of culturally adequate names is 400. For each name, it is important to understand what it is that responds to the child from this name. To reject disharmonious and faded in the end. And leave only the strong and euphonious. It is necessary to sort out 400 variants of the unborn child. Count 400 options each to test for your child, and reject 99% of useless names. The actual payment for the consultation is 380$

3. Leonard only evaluates your name choices. Up to 10 names. 180$

Which of your names is safe, which is suitable, which is harmful and it is better to push it aside. Analysis from the standpoint of changing the core of talents, the energy of health and the child’s capabilities. The job takes two business days. Actual payment – 180$

4. Extended consultation “My place in life”.

A holy place is never empty, in the image of the future and in the development strategy of the child there is always, always, a certain outline.

By guiding a person along the path of unlocking his potential, we help a person find himself as a source of strength. As a result of relying on one’s own capabilities, one is happy to see opportunities in the world.

By guiding a person along his path, we eventually help to feel that the world is full of other people’s tasks, things that need to be left to other people. And do your own thing, your own profession, in your own way.

Every person is special from childhood. In mobility. In emotions. In the look. In the childlike charisma of charm that knocks you off your feet. In talents.

Therefore, we are doing for you a decoding of the innate core of talents, character, and abilities of the child.

In audio format.

Evaluation of the purpose, scope of professional implementation and discussion with you. 180$

Evaluation of the strength and weaknesses of character, weak points of health energy. 180$

Evaluation of the most powerful strategy for the formation of a strong personality. From the position of recommendations on the areas of sections, circles, leisure, areas of development, music, sports, sciences, places of recreation, places of study. 180$

Evaluation of the influence of mom and dad on the child. What mom and dad form in the psyche of the child – what are the weak points of this influence. How best to approach education and what to develop in oneself for a beneficial effect on the child. 180$

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